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Relax with a seamless travel experience

From start to finish, we attend to every detail. So you spend less time planning and more time exploring.

Every kind of journey you can imagine

Whether you've been  thinking about a cruise to exotic locales, a family vacation, or a thrilling, action-packed adventure, we will design a uniquely tailored vacation experience just for you.

Peace of mind while you travel 


 If you need to reach us while traveling, we are available 24/7 for the duration of your trip

 using our Pocket Travel Consultant App.

Planning your dream vacation can be stressful.
  The choices are overwhelming...


Why not use a travel advisor who's

been fully vetted by the best global organizations, someone who can truly create your perfect holiday?


Discerning travelers value & expect excellent service


✓ Signature Travel Network Certified

✓ Certified Travel Associate

✓ Luxury Travel Expert

Imagine, a vacation as unique

as you are...

Where every aspect of your journey is tailored just for you...

...and your travels renew, rejuvenate and restore you...

...and deepen your connections to self, loved ones, and the natural beauty that surrounds you.

That's  a Forever Vacation!

How do we do it?
An extensive network of insiders
  • Insider tour guides that know the hidden treasures, trails & markets

  • Helicopter pilots that can lift you off a mountain (or set you down on one)

  • Cruise line insiders that can seat you at the captain's table

  • Safari guides that will get you up close and personal with wildlife

  • Sommeliers who will pair every bite with the perfect glass of wine

  • Chefs who let you in on their secrets

  • Boat captains who know the private beaches

Use Forever Vacations simple 5-step plan to make your next holiday… your best holiday ever.


1.     Fill out a Design My Vacation form or call us at 406-925-3022.

2.     Review your customized options.

3.     Ask questions and get informed answers.

4.     Book your custom trip when you’re ready.

5.     Relax while we handle all the details.

Our Commitment to You


1. Listen fully to understand your wants and needs. 
2. Make recommendations tailored to your interests. 
3. Provide clear and timely communication. 
4. Provide you with comprehensive industry knowledge. 
5. Deliver extraordinary personal service. 
     6. Fully disclose all of our fees. 

          7. Keep you informed of events that might impact your holiday. 
8. Resolve problems quickly and to your satisfaction.