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We specialize in wellness travel. What does that mean?


The benefit of wellness is different for everyone. It may revolve around cultural experiences designed to enhance the mind body experience.


For some, it is yoga, hiking, spa treatments or a healthy diet, while for others it is a mental release through meditation. 


It may be a time for reflection and peace in a serene and calm setting in order to enhance a spiritual connection.


Or perhaps, you are overworked, as so many people are, and you have reached your breaking point. You need to rest, relax and rejuvenate .. So, maybe a stay at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean is in order or a luxury cruise to Hawaii or Tahiti.


Sometimes families need to take a break from the daily grind, so relief may come in the form of a family vacation to Disney World, known as the happiest place on earth. Nobody does family vacations better than Disney and their job is to make sure that every member of the family has the best vacation ever creating a shared experience and bonding the family in a different way. 


What if your relief comes in the form of giving back to the communities that you visit in your travels by participating in outreach or work programs? What if your passion is to help endangered or abused animals in an animal sanctuary?


Whatever your reason, travel can provide what you need. Customized vacations specific to what you seek becomes the goal of your vacation and we will design that special vacation just for you!

Who we are

Wendy Peterson discovered her love for travel years ago while touring Western Europe. She decided to follow her passion and become a travel consultant, forming Forever Vacations.  Now a CTA (Certified Travel Associate) and part of the renowned Signature Travel Network with specialized training in wellness travel and luxury travel,  she has both the training and personal experience to give insight into a wide range of travel options.  In addition to her numerous certifications which includes her designation as a Signature Travel Expert, she is a Commodore for both Cunard and Princess cruise lines.


Her expertise and personal travels allows her to bring high quality travel experiences to clients.  She can add meaningful insights to her well-traveled destinations including Western Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and throughout the USA.  


In the past, Wendy has traveled independently, as part of a group tour, and cruised multiple regions.  As such, she has a deep understanding of travelers needs and what can turn a good trip into an amazing trip by crafting truly memorable experiences.